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Business ethics

The company Chemkostav, a.s. declares hereby the commintment to adhere to company ethics in all of its activities and to respect the generally accepted rules and principles of business ethics.

Ethics is of key importance in the long-term company strategy and is very important for the economic interests of the company. It is also a manifestation of responsibility towards all concerned parties:

  • the shareholders
  • employees
  • our contractors
  • our surroundings

The good reputation of the company Chemkostav a.s. and the trust of all concerned parties are among the most important of our qualities. Protecting the good reputation of the company Chemkostav a.s. and the strengthening of the solidarity of our employees is the task of us all. All the employees of Chemkostav a.s are obliged to act in accordance with this Moral Codex, to maintain a high moral standard in business and professional life.

Client relations

  • We know our clients and it is the highest priority for all of our employees to match the client-set requirements.
  • We espouse a correct and honest approach towards our clients to maintain successful and stable business relations.
  • Our company Chemkostav a.s. is committed to the use of legitimate business methods in all our ventures. All information provided by our client is considerd confidential.
  • The company Chemkostav a.s cares to see that all our constructions are carried out in high quality, with long durability, safe and in accordance with valid legislature.

Contractor relations

  • Our relationships with our contractors are created and maintained on the basis of partnership and the perspective for long-term cooperation.
  • The relations with contractors are based on mutual trust and respect. All information regarding our contractors is considered confidential.
  • The company Chemkostav a.s. is obliged to maintain the contract requirements. If our company is unable to fulfill the contract requirements due to unforseen circumstances, we momentarily inform our contractors on the new situation to find an alternative solution.
  • The employees of the company Chemkostav a.s. are not allowed to accept any kind of finacial or other commissions from their business partners.

Relations with competing companies

  • We perceive and observe our competitors. Our relations with our competitors are correct yet decisive, in accordance with correct business competition. We uphold the ethic principles of the Federation of Slovak constructors.
  • The company Chemkostav, a.s., does not resort to illegal or questionable methods (industrial espionage, bribery, buying of confidential information from the clients or any other dishonest methods) to gain information on the activities of our competitors.
  • The Company Chemkostav a.s. does not exert, support, or resort to any forms of unfair competition.

Environmental protection and safety

  • The company Chemkostav a.s. consciously contributes to the development of the environmental sector and supports the activities of environmental protection and restoration of our region. We also put a strong emphasis on health protection issues, safe working conditions and fire protection towards our clients, contractors and general public.
  • The company Chemkostav a.s. respects in all its activities the legitimate technological procedures, ecological norms and regulations concerning the safe working conditions.

Interpersonal and professional relations, working atmosphere

  • The relationships towards the employees and among employees, as well as the relations among superiors and subordinates in our company are based on mutual respect of human dignity and the basic human rights.
  • All employees are obliged to create and maintain the atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and team spirit, which are essential for cooperation and the achievement of positive economic results.
  • We do not tolerate any physical, psychical or sexual harrassment. The company strictly prohibits any form of abuse, derogation, bullying, dehonestation of human dignity or discrimination.
  • Every employee of the company Chemkostav a.s. is directly responsible for his/her behaviour. He should behave in such a way so that he wont cause any harm to his colleagues, complicate their work or restrict their initiative.
  • The management of the company Chemkostav a.s. obliges to explain its goals and plans as well as individual activities, to support active communication and encourage the employees to improve their professional efectiveness, as well as that of the entire company.
  • All employees of Chemkostav a.s. have to protect the information, which are the company property or which are a part of its business activities. Such information is considered confidential, it can only be used for professional, not personal, purposes. All employees are obliged to protect the reputation of their emloyer, even after their employment contract with Chemkostav a.s. is ended.
  • Every employee of the company Chemkostav a.s. is not only an individual person, but also a representative of the company. Therefore in public he/she has to uphold the company’s reputation and to protect its interests.

Conflict of interests, disputes

  • Every employee of Chemkostav a.s. should pursue his individual interests in financial, business or any other sphere in such a way, as to avoid any potential or actual conflict of interests. This activities have to be in accordance with legislative rules and internal regulations and directives.
  • No employee of Chemkostav a.s. shall ever draw any private profit or advantage in financial, business or any other sphere from any information he obtained during his professional carreer, and which is not generally known.
  • Employees of Chemkostav a.s. are allowed to pursue private enterprise activities, which are of the same character as the company’s activities, only with written permission of the company’s management.
  • The employees of Chemkostav a.s. should behave in such a way as to avoid conflicts and disputes. Any conflicts or disputes at the workplace are solved by superiors in a non-violent way, through mutual agreement of all involved parties.

Final directives

  • The ethical codex of the company Chemkostav a.s. is obligatory for all the employees of the company and they are obliged to uphold it, to live in accordance with its rules and to promote them.
  • All employees should realize, that any breach of this codex will be considered a breach of working discipline, as stated by the company’s internal working regulations.

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