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This project is being implemented with the support of the European Social Fundunder the Operational Programme Employment and Social Inclusion

Company Chemkostav, a.s. implemented in period of 07/2010 - 10/2012 demand-oriented project called Education of Chemkostav, a.s. company employees in a new direction in the construction market, under the Operational Programme Employment and Social Inclusion, Priority axis 1 - Supporting of employment growth, Measure 1.2. - Support of the creation and jobs keeping by increasing adaptability of workers, enterprises and promoting business activity, Framework activity 1.2.1 - Supporting the adaptability of firms, entrepreneurs, business associations and regions, Call DOP - SIA - 2009/1.2.1/01.

By project implementation jobs keeping by rising the educational level of employees was supported through training activities of the project.
Project objective: To invest in employees through education in order to improve the adaptability, skills and abilities required to perform work.

To achieve the main objective of the project the specific objectives were set:

  • Increase communication skills of employees in foreign languages
  • Developing IT skills of employees
  • Increase legal awareness
  • Increasing the level of marketing, management, sales, financial, administrative, personnel, logistics knowledge and skills
  • Increasing the level of education of employees in connection with the implementation of quality management system

The targets were employees of Chemkostav, a.s. at all levels of occupation.

Employee training was carried out through educational activities in well-defined areas, where the Main activities were::

  • Activity 1 - Language Learning
  • Activity 2 - IT Training
  • Activity 3 - Training in Law
  • Activity 4 - Marketing Education
  • Activity 5 - Development of management skills
  • Activity 6 - Business Training
  • Activity 7 - Quality Management
  • Activity 8 - Financial Training
  • Activity 9 - Administrative training
  • Activity 10 - Professional training
  • Activity 11 - Personnel Training
  • Activity 12 - Logistics Training

The outcome of the project and its educational activities are employees with higher education levels, which will contribute to working potential and adaptability of workers increase with a direct effect on their jobs keeping, as well as to the adaptability of Chemkostav, a.s. company increase.

Outputs and results are monitored by the set of measurable indicators at the level of result and impact. At the level of result the measurable indicator "Number of persons trained in the project" was monitored and at the level of impact to it relevant indicators "Number of successfully trained individuals." The results of the project, whether on the side of employees or on the side of company, will ultimately have an impact and will show up in the reference and the quality of services towards customers. The reputation of the company will be secured, what brings more clients and opportunities of expansion and thus creation of new job positions.

In the educational activities of the project were involved 182 employees, including 159 men and 23 women. Of this number, 182 persons were trained, of whom 40 use the results of training in ICT.

Within the publicity of the project, we informed all project participants and the public, we issued a clear message that the project is co-financed by the ESF based on Operational Program Employment and Social Inclusion through:

  • Labeling of Beneficiary areas and training rooms where the project activities are carried out.
    The main entrance to the company was labeled by a poster and ESF logo, which were located in a visible and freely accessible place.
    Spaces and rooms where training of employees was carried out were identified by information poster, ESF logo and ESF flag.
  • Media
    At the beginning of the project advertisement and press releases was published in regional newspapers.
  • WEB site
    All information about the project implementation and co- financing of the ESF have been published on the company´s Chemkostav, a.s. website.
  • Photo documentation of the project
    In the course of the project we created photo documentation of the project implementation activities, especially the photo documentation of trainings.

Successful implementation of the project and achieved outcomes and results are motivation and model for implementation of similar projects by other employers in the region.

Chemkostav, a.s.
K. Kuzmányho 1259/22, 071 01 Michalovce
Contact person for project: Ing. Josef Hrubý – Economy director
Tel.: +421 56 688 08 11, Fax: +421 56 688 08 33

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