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Two of the buildings we participated at the construction of were nominated in the 22nd year of annual competition CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR. Specifically, nominated were Safron garden, stage II. in Košice, where we acted as general contractor, and Panorama City in Bratislava, where we built the skeleton.

This year the expert jury awarded with 12 prices all together 7 constructions out of 16 nominees. The respective constructions were assessed based on the submitted technical documentation and in-site inspection.

Safron garden took home the prize of Publishing House EUROSTAV for architectural design. The jury specifically highlighted the construction for a complex architecture and design implemented on a high level, the successful preservation of historical elements and their link with the modern ones, high quality execution of work and respect for the surrounding development, urban structure and historical context of the building.

Panorama City won the main price The Construction of the year 2016 and also was awarded by Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, for the application of science and technology during the phase of implementation. The nomination among the top 3 constructions of the year was earned from jury based on the extensive use of high-strengths concrete, the optimal application of advanced building materials and technology, the highest level of fire safety in the category of high-rise buildings, the involvement of national and international research teams at the stage of project implementation and solutions and a high level of technical solutions, in which they used the latest findings of research and development.

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