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National Finalist in 2012/2013 European Business Awards


The European Business Awards ( announced that the companyChemkostav, a. s. Michalovce represents Slovak Republic in the struggle for this prestigious award as a national finalist in 2012/13. Company Chemkostav, a. s. Michalovce has been, after fulfillment of hard criteria, selected from a number of companies as one of 10 national finalists and will, at next round, fight to win the national award winner. Final results will be announced in April 2013.

The European business awards selected the most prominent European companies whose business is based on the ability to follow three main principles that are the focus of the valuation. A jury made of experts will seek in Slovak Republic a firm that shows innovation, business excellence and sustainable growth.


Chemkostav obrázok v článku

 Mr. Tibor Mačuga, Chairman of the Board Chemkostav a. s., Michalovce said:
Company Chemkostav a.s., Michalovce is honored of the possibility to represent Slovak Republic. The company operates in the construction field for over 15 years and the selection is an honor for us to be among the leading companies in our country and our industry. The European Business Awards is widely regarded as the best demonstration of dynamic forwarding companies in Europe. We look forward to the next round of the competition"


About company Chemkostav, a.s. Michalovce

The company was created from scratch without any form of privatization or transformation, by an entry in the Companies Register on September 11th, 1996, called PSJ - Chemkostav Ltd. Company Chemkostav, a.s. is registered in the Companies Register as of July 1st, 1999; as PSJ - Chemkostav, a.s. operated until March 2004.

The company has a capital of 165.98 thousand Euros, performs civil, residential, industrial and civil engineering. The company is located in Michalovce and currently employs 230 people

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