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október, 2021 - október, 2022

Apartment building PLAVISKO

Orderer: Mesto Ružomberok
Supplier: Chemkostav, a.s.

Basic information

Part of the first stage is the implementation of a multifunctional apartment building Plavisko - SO01 situated in the southern part of the plot. It is intended for housing, supplemented by civic amenities on the ground floor and parking in the basement. The project also includes the solution of new connections, transport connections, parking, paved areas and exterior modifications. The building is designed as a 7-storey with a semi-recessed basement. The residential part of all floors consists of 39 residential units. Individual housing units consist of 16 studios, 15 x 2-room apartments, 8 x 3-room apartments. One multifunctional space is designed on the ground floor. Dungeons are located on each floor. Parking spaces are designed in the underground garage and on paved areas around the building. The total number of underground parking spaces is 22. The number of parking spaces in the field is 24, of which 2 for the immobile. Of the parking spaces in the field, there are 6 spaces situated on the existing parking area, which is located on the adjacent land and is the property of the investor.

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