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október, 2019 - marec, 2021

Modernization of infrastructure for more effective provision of acute health care in Zvolen Hospital, a.s.

Orderer: Nemocnica Zvolen, a.s.
Supplier: Chemkostav, a.s.

Basic information

The hospital area is located in the built-up area of ​​the central part of Zvolen on the Kuzmany Embankment. In the closed area of ​​the hospital there are several buildings - pavilions. The hospital reconstruction consists of 3 parts: object: SO 01 - Urgent income, object: SO 02 - OAIM, object: SO 03 - SO 03 - Department of Surgical Operating Theaters.


The proposed modifications concern the existing ground floor spaces, which are divided into 4 blocks: Block “A”: Central Reception, Block “B“: Surgical Pavilion - Central Reception, Block “C“: - Ambulances, Block “D“: Central Reception - dressing rooms - surgical pavilion. The aim of the building modifications of the existing premises is to create a central block of dressing rooms with facilities, to improve the quality of the waiting room for CT patients, and to modify the workplace of doctors with sanitary facilities and showers.  The changes are concentrated in the existing premises of a part of the ground floor of the surgical pavilion.

SO 02 - OAIM (Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Medicine)

After considering all technical and economic aspects, the workplace is located in the extension of the surgical pavilion (Hall A) in relation to the central reception located on the first floor of the existing building. The proposed extension of the surgical pavilion is part of a more extensive modernization of acute health care workplaces. The exterior architectural and artistic solution is adapted to the original building, to which the extension is realized. The extension is designed as a ground floor object with a light steel superstructure for the placement of the technology of ventilation and cooling of interior spaces.1. From the construction point of view, the NP (ground floor) consists of an internal reinforced concrete skeleton - columns and reinforced concrete non-pressure ceiling slab and a brick filling made of aerated concrete blocks.

SO 03 - Department of Surgical Operating Theaters

The extension of the space for the placement of the ventilation and cooling technology and the roof cladding insulation concerns the surgical pavilion (in the overall marking of the pavilions of the hospital complex - pavilion A). In connection with the modernization of the Surgical Operating Theaters (SO. 03) workplace, there was a need to place the ventilation and cooling technology on the roof of an existing building, which has 4 aboveground floors in the form of an extension.

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