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október, 2020 - apríl, 2023

Residence Albelli

Orderer: CTR Alvinczy s.r.o.
Supplier: Chemkostav, a.s.

Basic information

Residence Albelli will be established on the northern edge of the wider center of Košice, between Alvinczyho and Bellova streets. The concept of the new housing project offers comprehensive and stylish urban housing. Thanks to the architectural solution of variously high residential sections and receding floors with roof terraces, the individual apartments offer interesting views in all directions. Each apartment has its own outdoor accessories, ie a balcony, terrace, loggia or front garden. The basic price of each apartment also includes the price of its own practical cellar.

A huge advantage of the Residence is its strategic location. Whether you are heading to the center to Hlavná Street, to one of Košice universities, to the City Park, to shopping, for entertainment or to the Railway Station, you can get everywhere comfortably on foot and within 15 minutes at the latest. That is why this location is a popular place for living in Košice and is characterized by complete civic amenities and at the same time excellent public transport accessibility.


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