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apríl, 2021 - apríl, 2023

Residential complex New Trnava 105

Orderer: Terra Trnavia 5, s.r.o.
Supplier: Chemkostav, a.s.

Basic information

The project addresses the creation of a new residential block SO105, which is part of a residential complex in the planned residential zone Prúdy I.b-c in the city of Trnava. There are three types of functional blocks in the solution area. A06 - Multi-storey apartment buildings, B.02 / 1 - Multifunctional skeleton of the city and Z02 - Park areas. For the design of the residential complex, functional blocks A.06 and B.02 / 1 were divided into blocks ASever (5,127ha), B-North (0,665ha), B-south (0,780ha) and A-South (3,159ha). The Z02 blocks are separate and only park landscaping and cycling routes are solved on them (see also Architectural study). Residential block SO105 is located in function block A-South. Functional block A-North consists of four blocks of apartment buildings, a zone for civic amenities (kindergarten, alt. Home for the elderly, ...) and a park. The B-North and B-South functional blocks are divided by the main road of the territory, the boulevard type. The blocks combine the function of services in the ground floor of buildings, non-residential premises - services and apartments on the second and third floors and residential premises on other floors. The A-South block consists of two identical blocks of apartment buildings. Blocks A have residential parts of buildings stored in a semi-recessed basement with a parking function. The buildings themselves are 5-storey with one recessed floor and respectively. eight-storey to a height of 26 m above the adjacent sidewalk road. The buildings in Blocks B are 5-storey with one recessed floor (5 + 1) and resp. 8-storey to a height of 26m above the adjacent sidewalk road. The inner blocks are designed in a semi-recessed basement with green park areas, greenery and pedestrian paths. Roads around the blocks are equipped with washing areas and lined with tree alleys.


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