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marec, 2014 - október, 2014

Building of municipal sewage system in the village Drietoma

Orderer: Obec Drietoma
Supplier: Chemkostav, a.s.

Basic information

The purpose of the construction is to ensure the building of sanitary sewer system throughout the village and diversion of sewage into the village Kostolná - Záriečie. By the construction of sewerage system the standard of population living and service delivery will improve and the protection of the environment will increase, in particular of the Drietomica flow.

Affected by the building of the linear construction - sanitary sewers to about 104 ha of village Drietoma is the location that is very exposed by location of state road I/50, which is the core of the village and by its load of heavy truck transport from Slovakia to the Czech Republic. Construction of sewerage system in parallel with national road directly relates to the reconstruction of storm drains and sewers A, B and C. They replace the existing broken sink shaft and undersized storm sewers. For reasons of narrow conditions are both drains installed in the pavement, and the construction will run concurrently. Users of construction will be the residents of the municipality Drietoma through the sewer connections. Completion of the works under the contract is planned by October 30th, 2014.

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