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apríl, 2015 - december, 2015

Car Center VW - Sever, 2. phase - Weltauto

Orderer: Auto Gabriel, s.r.o. Košice
Supplier: Chemkostav, a.s.

Basic information

New building will be background area for sale and repurchase of used cars. Weltauto will be part of planned VW Car Center – North. Customer hall with three sale points, head of sales office and social facilities for customer and employees will be placed to the west facade. North side of facade will have service hall with three service points, which will be mainly used for cleaning and before sales maintenance of used cars. Service background of monoblock, which will be build in second phase is going to serve for bigger service interventions or repair varnishes of used cars. Social background for employees consisting of daily room equipped with sideboard, possibility of preparation of hot beverages and fridge will be situated in the south facade. Daily room will be lighted by daylight from windows on south facade and will have possibility of natural ventilation. Social background for employees will also consist of dressing room with toilette and shower.

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