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november, 2023 - máj, 2025

Elementary school Ostrovany

Orderer: Obec OStrovany
Supplier: Chemkostav, a.s.

Basic information

The proposed superstructure will consist of dimensionally identical modules as those implemented on the ground floor, and the layout will be almost identical to the ground floor. The difference will be that on the ground floor one of the classrooms will serve as a warm-up room and on the first floor as a specialist classroom. The vestibule on the ground floor will be canceled and the space that originally served as an assembly room will be a cabinet. The same two-story classroom pavilion "B" is proposed at a distance of 12 m from the SE side of pavilion "A". On the SW facades, a modular pavilion "C" will be added to both pavilions, in which, following the existing paved area, there will be the main entrance and the main communication area, from which there will be access to pavilions "A" and "B". This communication space with a longitudinal axis perpendicular to the longitudinal axes of both classroom pavilions will also ensure vertical communication - with a pair of double-armed staircases that will be located at the entrances to the classroom pavilions. On the ground floor of this pavilion, there will also be a dining room, a kitchen with facilities, sanitary facilities, spaces for the janitor, warehouses and technical equipment of the building. On the second floor of this pavilion, on the side adjacent to the classroom pavilions, there will be a corridor between the stairs, from which there will be access to the classroom pavilions, the assembly room, three offices (director, deputy and housekeeper) and two cabinets. Between the SW and SE sides of pavilion "C" and the corresponding parallel border of the plot, there is a proposed reinforced area made of ecological concrete paving, which will be connected to the existing one at the NW corner. From a structural point of view, it is a prefabricated building from a modular system. The supporting structure of the building is a modular steel frame insulated in the vertical walls, floor and ceiling with mineral fiber insulation. The foundation structures are designed as foundation strips and footings. The roof of the building is designed as a flat non-walkable roof with the use of waterproofing coating made of softened PVC. The supporting structure of the flat roof will be made of wooden elements. The roof will be lined with an attic. As part of the proposed technical solution, light and socket wiring is considered. The proposed heating is central, hot water, the source of heat in each pavilion will be a gas condensing boiler. The preparation of DHW will be solved according to the nature of the requirements of the specific collection point. The proposed ventilation is natural. Forced ventilation is proposed in spaces without the possibility of natural ventilation. Two central systems of forced ventilation with recuperation will be installed in the area of ​​the kitchen and the school canteen. In order to reduce energy consumption, decentralized ventilation devices will be installed in the classrooms.

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