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The southern city "Above the city" Bratislava


We continue with the implementation of new buildings of the South City project in Bratislava. The contract for the work has been signed and we started the work in March 2024. The estimated date of delivery of the work is February 2027.

Zones B3, B4 and AB2 are the continuation of the construction of the urban complex South City, "Part of the City". This new urban district project is currently under construction on the southern edge of Petržalka, in the area of ​​Janíkovs yard. The southern city is divided into sectors A, B and C, which are further divided into zones according to the chronology of construction. Zones B3, B4 and AB2 are located south of the Panónska street road, south of zone B1. The subject of the project are 3 high-rise apartment buildings, of which we are implementing 2 buildings within the Apartment Building SO04 section. Near the zone will be the final stop of the planned extension of the tram line, as the superior rail system of the city of Bratislava. A new public transport bus stop is also proposed as part of the plan. At the same time, the concept of high-rise point objects allows for better illumination of the park, their different angles improve views and overviews of the surrounding landscape and create a new quality of living within the South City project. The above-ground part of building SO-04 consists of two tower-type apartment buildings, also defined as building A and B. They rest on a common underground garage - building S. The building has 2 underground floors, in building A 15 above-ground floors and in building B 20 above-ground floors.

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